Fly to Zhongdian Airport

  • By Air :

The newly built Zhongdian Airport is called Diging airport, the name of the prefectureand and has several flight to Kunming, Lhassa, Guangzhou and Lijinag. Make sure you reserve in advance. The airport is located 5km southwest of Zhongdian County Town and it should cost around 15 RMB to Zhongdian. 

Schedule Zhongdian - Lhassa  ( Approximative price - 1430 Yuann )
Airline departure/Arrival Plane Type Schedule Valid Periode
China Eastern

8.50 Diqing

10.35 Lhassa

737 Every Day 06-01-->10-24
China Eastern

11.25 Lhasa

13.05 Diqing

737 Every Day 06-01-->10-24

 Kunming : 50 minutes, 3-4 per day

Guangzhou : 2 hours 20 minutes, 1750 yuan, several times a week

Lijiang : 50 minutes, cost .

  • By Bus :

There are two bus stations in Zhongdian. You can go to Kuming, Dali, Sichuan and many other destinations. Bus usually leavaing every day. 

  • By Car : 

We can organize by car or mini van your transfer to Lijiang or Tibet. Takes around 5-6 hours to drive to Lijiang and one -two weeks to drive to Lhassa. This is a fantastic road trip where we can stop in Tibetan house and familly. Check this special trip starting from Lijiang ( we can arrange departure from anywhere in China also ) : Lijiang to lhassa by car , 5 days.  You can also review our tips from yunnan to tibet