Qinghai - Gansu - 8 days tour in Tibet region, Amdo

Region: Qinghai

Kind of tour: Cultural

Qinghai - Monasteries - Kumbun - Amdo

 Discover the Qinghai region an historical and fantastic Tibet Region.  This region is for Tibetan part of the great Tibet and is for travellers one of the last region whith not that much tourist, maybe less than in Tibet and it's also much easier and cheaper to travel there than in Tibet. 




Lijiang-Zhongdian-Lhasa-Everest Base Camp / Overland by Vehicle

Region: Tibet, Yunnan

Kind of tour: Road Trip

Lijiang-Tiger leaping gorge-Zhongdian/Shangri La-Deqin-Lhasa-Everest Base camp-Zhangmu border town (on the border side, there will be an Nepal travel agency waiting to meet you and drive you to Katmandu, that we can also arrange it for you).

Lijiang, Zhongdian to Lhasa by car, 15 days

Region: Tibet, Yunnan

Kind of tour: Trekking, Road Trip, Minority

On this  trip, you will first explore the Naxi people’s area of Lijiang, and slowly to get used the highland altitude. After that, we will take you to Zhongdian, the Tibetan border area, there you will see the first Tibetan monastery, then carry on to the real highland of Tibet. And you will find out that the mountain all make you vertigo and the the gorge are never end.


Region: Yunnan

Kind of tour: Trekking, Cultural, Road Trip

This Trip is covering Northwest Yunnan and South Yunnan. 

All south west China

Region: Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan

Kind of tour: Trekking, Cultural, Road Trip, Train Trip, Minority

From Yangshuo to Guilin, Longsheng rice terraces, Chengyang Dong minority area, Zhaoxing the largest Dong village in China, Kaili, Guiyang take flight to Kunming, Dali the Bai peoples' centre, Shaxi, Lijiang, Baisha, Tiger leaping gorge, Zhongdian, Daocheng, Yahding the centre of the Shangeri-la, Litang, Kamding,Chengdu, fly back home.

Beijing-Chengdu-Litang-Lhasa, 25 days

Region: Beijing, Sichuan, Tibet

Kind of tour: Cultural, Road Trip, Train Trip

This journy start from Beijing. You will first explore Beijing for few days and then catch a fly to Chengdu to see the Chengdu panda center After that will take venicle going on the mysterious Tibetan journey. On the first day of the overland trip, will going to see the Gongga(Minya Kanka) glacier, and after will pass through Kamding grassland. And you will feel the really highland of Litang in few days late, if luckily on the horse riding festival, you will see the Kam Tibetan riding their horse run on the huge grassland.
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